Mission Statement

Our primary mission at SimDnA is to foster Data & Analytic excellence, for both information creators and consumers, through experiential learning.

Our platform delivers on this mission by helping users develop experience in applying Data & Analytical skills and then connecting them with employers looking for candidates with confirmed experience.

As a part of bridging this divide, between candidates and businesses, we have developed an analytic framework that captures the core components of praticing Data & Analytics. This framework is captured by the acronym IPODS (Information | Process | Organization | Determination | Synthesis). The matrix on the next tab segments Data & Analytic skills by the IPODS framework and level of analytic role. This will serve as a guide for both candidates and businesses to evaluate the levels of qualification and candidate capacity.


Skills Matrix

 Skills Matrix


The Analytic Process

Information - The absolute foundation of analysis and all related functions. Information architecture builds upon itself towards the goal of insight and action; all subsequent layers adding value throughout


Process - A collection of steps organized into a logical order that produces a measurable outcome


Organization - The logical ordering of information with the purpose of measuring inputs and outputs within a business’s system of information


Determination - Evaluation of information, processes, organization, and operational business knowledge; to arrive at conclusive outcomes that either drive insight and action or lead to recursion of IPODS


Synthesis - The art of communication measured by the effectiveness and efficiency of imparting knowledge to peers, stakeholders, and key decision makers. This art takes on many forms including data visualization, slideshow decks, Business Intelligence tools, videos, discussions, etc.

How TradeCraft is Different

In the simplest terms TradeCraft provides aspiring analysts an environment where they can grow themselves into viable candidates for careers in the analytics space.

What does this mean? - Data Science & Analytics is a fast growing career focus. Businesses are accelerating their search for qualified candidates. In response to this demand colleges, universities, and the private sector have responded with numerous programs to teach aspiring analysts the required skills. Unfortunately this only solves for part of the equation that equals being hired into this field. The missing variable is experience. Employers prefer to hire candidates with a proven history of the practical application of analytical skills. Students that are fortunate enough to get this experience through internships or career development programs often find it easier to get hired. For those without these opportunities this gap is wide and challenging to bridge. TradeCraft now offers an environment that is representative of actual companies. This environment includes a proper business model, data infrastructure, analytic tools, and the types of problems and challenges businesses face.