First Things First - Signup

Signing up for a subscription is super easy; there are three simple options

1) Annual Recurring Subscription for $120 (~$2.30 per week)

2) 6 Month Recurring Subscription for $72 (~$2.80 per week)

3) Monthly Recurring Subscription for $15 (~$3.50 per week)

 (~ means approximation)

What does that get me?

Corsair's TradeCraft's subscription service is as simple as possible. 

Once you've signed up you have access to all business simulations. Currently there are two available:

LemonAlong Lemonade Stand (Small Business)


PayThruUs (FinTech Startup)

How will TradeCraft help me?

Great question! It depends on you.

Corsair's TradeCraft is designed to replicate real businesses and the data they produce. The simulation scenarios give you the opportunity to apply data & analytic skills. If you commit the time and work through the simulations you will learn the tangible application of these skills.

 "Learn by Doing" is a motto we truly believe in.

What should I do after signing up?

The TradeCraft platform is designed to be simple but also representative of experiences you would encounter at actual companies. That means some engagement points have friction.

Once inside the platform there are three critical elements to keep in mind.

1) Access the simulations through your My TradeCraft menu

2) Review your skills assessment and progress on the My Dashboard page

3) Load your resume to the Career Board and search career opportunities

Why does any of this matter?

A simplified equation that represents career opportunity:

Career Opportunity = Education + Training + Experience

Education and Training are readily available through Universities and Online Courses.

Experience is hard to come by and therefore becomes a limiting factor against career opportunity.

Corsair's TradeCraft platform solves for experience through its simulations

What should I expect in terms of tools, techniques, and environments?

That's easy ... any and everything.

The goal of the TradeCraft platform is to replicate the tools and environments that would be encountered at actual companies across varying industries.

The same goes for techniques. Some industries have a greater focus on Data Science while others are more focused on Business Intelligence and Visualization.

Below is a list of some of the skills, concepts, tools, and techniques you will encounter: Spreadsheets | Pivot Tables | BI Tools | Data Visualizatin | RDBMS | SQL | Process Mgmt | Database Architecture | Subject Matter Expert | Question Identification | Communication | Relationship Mgmt | Quantification | Decision Making | Problem Solving | Modeling Applications | Modling Principles | Forecasting Principles | Probability & Statistics | Advanced Statistics | R-Programming | Python


Who is Corsair's TradeCraft for?

The TradeCraft platform is for anyone looking to grow their Data & Analytic skills. There are no pre-requisites and members can learn at their own pace.

We support individuals looking to build experience and accelerate their careers along with folks that are pursuing personal growth.