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What is TradeCraft? 

TradeCraft is an online subscription platform where analysts can train, learn, and demonstrate the experience they need to launch a career in Data Science & Analytics. It is a real-world data simulator and virtual laboratory.

TradeCraft is our answer to the data divide. It is a tool that provides aspiring analysts with access to real-world data. In other words, it is the ultimate training device. It is the perfect solution for learning. And therefore, is capable of creating more opportunity for aspiring analysts than any other solution currently available. It is the holy grail for an education in data and analytics.

Why call it TradeCraft? 

Tradecraft is a word with a long history, but today is primarily used in the intelligence community. Despite that, it is not used much in the business community. That needs to be corrected.

Deep Analytics is the Tradecraft of the Data Science & Analytics world.

Deep analytics and tradecraft are, or should be, synonymous, at least in the field of data science and analytics. They each refer to the very hands-on process of collecting data and developing insight to support decisions and provide recommendations.

Our platform delivers that process to our users.It provides a unique opportunity for aspiring analysts to access real-world data and build the skills they need to succeed. It is a means to practice your tradecraft.

How will TradeCraft help me? 

If you are an aspiring analyst, you have probably struggled with obtaining the experience you need to get your first (or even next) position. Universities don't provide access to the sort of data you will encounter in the corporate world and corporations don't have the resources available to train novice analysts. As a result, "entry level" often requires 3-5 years of experience.

TradeCraft allows you to build that experience on your own. Not for the tens of thousands in tuition that colleges cost, but for less than your monthly phone bill. A whole year of experience is often less than a course at your local community college. TradeCraft is a platform to empower you!

But this isn't your typical MOOC or Online Course either. TradeCraft is real-world data tied to curriculum and simulations created by analysts credited for powering some of the world's most successful businesses. It connects you to a community full of experts and novices a like. What a powerful way to jump start your career search!

What skills does TradeCraft offer? 

Our offering of skills is expanding each week. We currently offer hands-on experience in categories like ETL, Data Management, Segmentation, and Discovery. We offer access to tools like SQL, Excel, and other spreadsheet software. And, perhaps most importantly, we give you access to real-world data from systems like SAP, Stripe, Hubspot, and more.

At some point down the road, we will publish a complete list of all the skills, tools, techniques, and data systems you can learn on TradeCraft. For now, recognize that we keep our eye on the jobs market and have prioritized all the most in demand skills.

Why is experience so critical? 

The data divide is a very real and very difficult problem. Few analysts get the education they need in college, from a bootcamp, or online. Companies want candidates who have real experience with real data, preferably 3-5 years of it. If you want a job in this industry, you need the experience to compete. TradeCraft is unique in its ability to provide that experience. 

Does TradeCraft emphasize tools or techniques? 

We recognize the need for both and more. Skill is often a combination of both tasks and techniques. It is a natural hierarchy and something that typically takes time and repetition to develop. We also recognize that many entry level roles are highly tool-based. Although, we will be the first to remind others not to forget the data component involved.

As a result, we have designed TradeCraft to operate against a skills hierarchy. Users are assigned tasks which build their proficiency with techniques and eventually develop into true analytics skills. We also recognize the need for tool and technology focus, so all exercises are matrixed to highlight both.

Will this really help me to get hired? 

TradeCraft's primary purpose is to help analysts learn how to perform real-world analytics, but a close second is to help them secure their next career opportunity. With that in mind, TradeCraft is augmented with tools and features geared to make it easier to get that next opportunity.

Our platform includes industry experts and experienced mentors. What better way to build a network capable of helping you secure your next role? It includes skills and opportunities mined from national jobs boards and data systems modeled after those in use at world's leading corporations. We put analytics to work for you!

Does TradeCraft include a certification? 

In the near future, we plan to develop something along these lines. But those of you who have certifications know that at this point in development of the data science and analytics industry, most certifications aren't worth the paper you print them on. Our focus is on more measurable outcomes, namely getting you your next job and enabling you to succeed in it.

Instead of certifications, we provide recommendations and assistance in getting your next opportunity. We are working with industry partners to take this to the next level. Soon we hope to announce that TradeCraft can be used to secure those certifications that matter most - typically those associated with top software offerings from Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, IBM, and more.

Do I need prior experience? 

Our platform is designed for analysts of all levels. If you have no prior experience, you will likely find our early exercises quite challenging. If you have been at this a while, you might find the early exercises quite simple. We have designed them to serve all experience levels.

TradeCraft is a simulation platform created to provide the experience you need, whatever level that may be. Our adaptive algorithms and advanced scoring metrics help us to guide you to the proper exercises, at the proper level, and in an organized fashion. Whatever your level, TradeCraft is there for you.

How long will it take me to get the experience I need? 

The answer to that is quite dependent on the individual, their talent, and their aspirations. TradeCraft's current simulations are designed to be completely self-paced. We build them with both the avid learner and the more relaxed student in mind. Future platforms may be geared to one group more than the other, time will tell.

That means you can engage with TradeCraft just an hour or two a week or you can crank through exercises ten hours a day and 60-70 hours a week. The number of hours it will take you to get the experience you need will also vary greatly by person. It is a reasonable estimate to say that at least 50 hours will be necessary to greatly improve your resume and knowledge.