TradeCraft's Real World Experience simulator is a revolutionary process for talent evaluation. Through real-world challenges based upon real business models, real data & analytic infrastructures, real analytic tools, and detailed methods of assessment; employers can develop a better understanding of the Data & Analytic skills of their candidates. It is the power to hire with confidence!

Candidate experience is evaluated based on a model derived from "The Analytic Process".  There are five core components:

  • Information – the ability to understand data and control it

  • Process – the ability to investigate, understand, and manage inputs & outputs

  • Organization – the ability to classify, categorize, find patterns, and visualize insights

  • Determination – the ability to synthesize information into insights & actions

  • Synthesis – the art of communication, presentation, and persuasion

Each segment is composed of a comprehensive array of skills that are integral to the development of an analyst. They distinguish an individual’s ability to execute and generate value for your business. Our assessment process creates a detailed map of each analyst’s skills and capabilities. The result is a platform on which employers can identify candidates based on the tangible demonstration of desired skills.