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What is TradeCraft?

TradeCraft is an online platform designed to assist in the evaluation of Data & Analytic skills. TradeCraft supports employers, recruiters, or any organization looking to confirm Data & Analytics skills and identify opportunities. 

Our platform revolves around simulations designed to reflect Real-World Business and Real-World Challenges.  These environments create the opportunity to evaluate the tangible application of Data & Analytic skills and capabilities.

How will TradeCraft help me or my organization?

Many organizations find it challenging to confirm Data & Analytic skills when evaluating candidates for hire. Traditional methods include recruiters, phone screens, interviews, and some form of assessment. Even with these tools evaluating the depth of an individuals skills and capabilities can be elusive. 

The TradeCraft platform's candidate evaluation service creates the opportunity to confirm each candidates tangible application of Data & Analytics skills. This is accomplished through our use of Real-World Business Simulations and Real-World Challenges.

Why call it TradeCraft? 

Tradecraft is a word with a long history, but today is primarily used in the intelligence community. Despite that, it is not used much in the business community. That needs to be corrected.

Deep Analytics is the Tradecraft of the Data Science & Analytics world.

Deep analytics and tradecraft are, or should be, synonymous, at least in the field of data science and analytics. They each refer to the very hands-on process of collecting data and developing insight to support decisions and provide recommendations.

Who is the TradeCraft Employer Portal for?

Employers who are:

- evaluating candidate for positions that require Data & Analytics skills

- evaluating the Data & Analytic skillsets of existing employees to create a learning plan

- evaluating the Data & Analytic skills of contractors for hire

Recruiters who are:

- vetting the Data & Analytics skills of candidates for referral

- evaluating the Data & Analytic skillsets of candidates to suggest skills improvement areas